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West-östlicher Darwin.

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Designs for Fragile Personalities in Anxious Times





[...] The "Hide Away Furniture" - as the name suggests - gives its owners the possibility to hide in its interior. It has been developed for those who feel menaced by a possible kidnapping. Without showing any objects spoiling their appearance on the surface, every piece of furniture can be opened in an asthonishing way. The outer appearance does not give any hints as to its purpose and adapts optically to its surrounding. Inside, the "Hide Away Furniture" is fitted with felt in order to muffle sounds. It is adapted to a special posture which gives its occupants maximum control, pride and comfort - as opposed to the vulnerable and bent foetus posture. Moreover, the exeptional "language of shape" does not raise the suspicion that the object might possibly be "inhabited". [...]

MS - Roger Nr. 3, 2005

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