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Ich werde mir niemals diesen Hut aufsetzen

Eternal Sunshine

So beats the final coda
Of a vintl storm
One more cherry cola
to lift up her dead arms
A dream of sot focus sunsets
filters thru the din
We are losing contact
as she dials it in
She can hear glass calling
Or is it someone
that looks like him
She eyes tv reflection
and nods a knowing look
She says it doesn't matter
She never liked her looks
I have seen a thousand fractures
I have seen everything
Cause knowing is it's own answer
Love something in a book
There's not much left to ponder
Not much left to cook
As she counted the spiders
As they crawled up inside her
As she counted the spiders
As they crawled up inside her

Smashing Pumpkins - Glass and the Ghost Children

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