Das Geschenk

man gab mir soeben

das Geschenk meines Lebens

das Wissen von einem Ende der Nacht

ich war widerstrebend

doch es blieb an mir kleben

als hätte es einer an mir festgemacht

(von tocotronic / für das eisinselchen)

love is evil

“There is nothing, basically. (..) But how do things emerge? (..) The idea of quantumphysics is: universe is a void, a kind of positively charged void. But then particular things appear.They appear, when the balance of the void ist disturbed. (..) Things are out there. It means, something went terribly wrong. What we call creation is a kind of cosmic imbalance, a cosmic catastrophy. Things exist by mistake. (..) The the only way to counteract it is: to assume the mistake and go to the end. And we have a name for this, it is called love. Love is a cosmic imbalance. (..) Love, for me, is a extremely violent act. Love is not: I love you all. Love means, I pick out something, and you know, it’s again this structure of imbalance. Even if this something is only a small detail, a fragile, individual person and I say, I love you more than anything else. In this quite formal sense, love is evil.”

(Slavoj Zizek)