This is the highly aristocratic Sebastian, officially: Sebastian Aloysius Winfried Mallard, the Duck of Time.

Sebastian is a recognized authority in matters of outdoor demeanor, lordliness, being by the water, and random acts of warmth and kindness.

He likes to listen to the Swans, Tiamat's Wildhoney, the River Empires, and the sounds of singing stones when the wind passes through them. His favorite resting place is on top of sleeping computers, for, like all ducks, Sebastian likes to have a warm bottom.

Some say Sebastian is still a member of the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift. There are also rumours of Cthulhu worship, but his friends insist he planted them himself, to appear outré, or to hide his other leanings, or just because he likes to be silly.

Sebastian is a traveler. He will show up, out of the blue, and remind people, very politely, of their freedom, and of how breathing fresh air feels, and what this one summer night was like, under the trees, when they last spoke truth, without reserve and agenda and pretending to know what they did not, in fact, know. Sebastian, in other words, is a duck, and a poet.