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The Gothic has an affinity with the concept of the haecceity because it refuses to distinguish human figures from backgrounds; “the ‘Gothic or Northern’ decorative line? is “a broken line which forms no contour by which form and background might be distinguished.? (Deleuze, Cinema 1, 111) You can’t enter such zones without entering into composition with them.


Whilst an organicist Left social criticism finds in cyberpunk the quietist collapse of transformative political projects into a “hardboiled? “survivalist? hyper-nihilism (Ross, Cyberpunk in Boystown), Gothic Materialism locates in Baudrillard’s ecstatic communication, Gibson’s Cyberspace, Jameson’s total flow and Cronenberg’s Videodrome the map of a hypermediatized capitalism that is decoding privatized subjectivity.


So it will be argued here that cybernetic capitalism does not engender what Ballard has followed Jameson in identifying as a “death of affect.? Those switched on to Spinozism by Deleuze-Guattari might suspect the reverse; that what defines the “postmodern? is in fact the amplification of affect. Brian Massumi suggests that the theorization of “intensity? Jameson calls for is to be achieved precisely by paying renewed attention to the phenomenon of affect and to Spinoza as its principal theorist.

[Mark Fisher: Flatline Constructs. Gothic Materialism and cybernetic theory-fiction]

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