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In Seminar XX, Lacan takes the concept of heterogeneity that emerges in Bataille’s writing out of a particular political context (the left-wing tumult of the 1930s, in which Bataille always insisted on giving voice to the unassimilable) and places it within a generalized psychoanalytic theory. Lacan insists that feminine jouissance and the mystical are the site of the heterogenous real’s emergence and that the goal of analytic discourse is to engender mystical jouissance. According to Lacan, to open oneself to the emergence of the real as feminine jouissance demands that one eschew the masculine subject position of (always in part illusory) power in order to stand on the side of the „not all“ or femininity.

Amy Hollywood, Sensible Ecstasy: Mysticism, Sexual Difference, and the Demands of History, p 150.

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